Introducing Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is the next level of play for the worldwideweb. This version is powered by the blockchain technology and cryptography and begun rollout since 2014. The release of bitcoin and the Satoshi Nakamoto proof of concept kick-start the Web3.0 layer of the WWW.

The web as from Web 1.0 which begun in 1989, at CERN, Geneva, when Tim Berners-Lee wrote some protocols that would become the World Wide Web. An idea to create open, decentralized protocols that allowed information-sharing of static websites from anywhere on Earth. Web 2.0 moved in when socialisation was made possible online with the growth of instant messaging into social networks; something that began revenue generation with advertising. Web 3.0 among other opportunities looks at rewarding by participation More on this in the future..

The blockchain technology powering the bitcoin cryptocurrency open up as a proof of concept a whole new possibilities to the world for which gave birth to Etherium, Non Fungible Tokens and a whole new plethora technologies.

Today we look at the basics of the Web 3.0 idea building the next generation of computing to take advantage of the other technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 5th Generation Networks and the long list.

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Decision-making on Web 3.0

Introductory Conclusion

As the introductory presents the blockchain and other addon technologies are running Web 3.0 with looks at integrity as a key value. As such value is driving all aspects of Web 3 which tells that the future of Web3.0 ping and terminate with value.

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