How to register on Vodafone Cash Ghana and transaction charges

Vodafone Cash is a fast, simple and secure service that enabling the use of mobile phones for monetary transaction. The service as being part of the mobile-money category of payments gateways allow for user to user and user to non-user monetary transactions.

Users of  Vodafone cash can send and receive money, top up airtime for self and other Vodafone numbers, pay bills (Vodafone Bills) as well as buy goods and services from merchants. An active account requires upto one year of inactivity for a Vodafone Cash account to become inactive. It is worth knowing that the service does not require data but USSD.

What Do I need?

Primary requisite for using Vodafone Cash is a mobile phone and a Vodafone Cash Account on a SIM card. All you need is a Vodafone Cash account which you will get once you register for the service with your Vodafone SIM.

How do I register?

Visit any Vodafone Retail Shop or agent point of sale with a valid photo ID. You will also need to provide the following details;

  • Your Name
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Address
  • Your Vodafone Mobile Number
  • Any National Id details of yours

Registration process is FREE and takes up-to less than 10 minutes. Don’t forget to change your start key (This is the first Pin received after registration.) before initiating your first transaction.

Loading money onto your Vodafone Cash account.

Visit any Vodafone Cash agent or Shop. Give the agent your phone number and the amount of money you would want to deposit. Receive an SMS indicating that your Vodafone Cash account has been credited with the amount. done!.

Send money to Unregistered Vodafone subscribers and Other Networks.

Send the money to the recipient’s number. The recipient will receive a voucher code by SMS that will be needed in withdrawing the money. A valid ID may be request of the recipient at withdrawal. Voucher codes can be redeemed by recipient within 7 days of issue, after which can be returned to the sender for redemption from Vodafone or a re-generation of voucher code. Note that, Unregistered Vodafone Cash subscribers will not be required to pay withdrawal fees.

Checking your Balance

Dial the USSD short code *110# or call 110 and select ‘My Account’. You can also request a mini statement of your last five transactions.

You can move your account from one Vodafone number to another after providing some security information to confirm your ownership of the account. In the case of a wrong money transfer to wrong recipients, you can contact the Vodafone call centre on 100or visit any Vodafone Retail Shop. Note, however that Vodafone will not be held liable if the recipient has already spent the money.

If your phone or SIM is stolen or lost, your money in your account is still safe. You can visit any Vodafone Retail Shop or call the call centre on 100to block your account. You can have your account back after a SIM swap. And if an account holder becomes deceased, the money in the account will be given to the deceased’s Next of Kin.

Your Vodafone Cash account can be closed on your behalf following a request to do so from you. Just call 100from your Vodafone Cash line for assistance.

Who is a Vodafone Cash Agent?

A Vodafone Cash agent is a business authorized by Vodafone to conduct transactions with the customer on behalf of Vodafone. Agents accept deposits and perform withdrawals as well as provide training and guidance to customers on new Vodafone Cash products and services.

The No, no, nos and Don’t, don’t, don’ts.

  1. No, You cant receive money transfers from outside Ghana.
  2. Don’t ever reveal your PIN to anyone.
  3. No minimum balance required.
  4. No maintenance charge.
  5. No limit on PIN Change.
  6. No interest on money in your account.
  7. No network signal, No Vodafone Cash transaction.
  8. No Overdrafts.
  9. Don’t try sending money above GH₵ 2,500.
  10. Don’t try sending money above GH₵ 500 to Unregistered Numbers (Both Vodafone and Other Networks).

Charge Sheet


Amount (GH)Registered to Reg.Registered to Unreg.
1 – 50GH₵ 0.50pGH₵ 1.50p
50.01 – 100GH₵ 0.50pGH₵ 2.50p
101.01 – 250GH₵ 1.00GH₵ 4.50p
250.01 – 500GH₵ 2.00pGH₵ 6.00p
500.01 – 1000GH₵ 3.00pNull
1000.01 – 2000GH₵ 3.00pNull
2000.01 and UpGH₵ 3.00pNull

Receiving is Free.

You can always comment below for guidance or alternatively, Call 100from your Vodafone SIM and follow the voice prompts if you have an issue.

NB. Non-Subscribers of Vodafone need to port or get a new SIM to Register for Vodafone Cash.


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