DJI Mini 4K Drone

The DJI Mini 4K is a compact and lightweight camera drone designed for beginners. It offers several features that make it an attractive option for those new to the world of drones. The drone weighs under 249 grams, making it easy to carry and fly. It comes equipped with a 4K camera that can shoot video at up to 30 frames per second (fps) and 2.7K footage at up to 60fps.


The DJI Mini 4K drone boasts several notable features and specifications:

4K Video

The drone can capture 4K video at up to 30fps, allowing for high-resolution footage.

2x Digital Zoom

It supports 2x digital zoom while recording in 4K, enabling users to get closer to their subjects.

3-Axis Gimbal

The Mini 4K is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal, which provides stability and smooth footage even during flight.

Video Bitrates

It supports video bitrates of up to 100Mbps, ensuring high-quality video recordings.

Flight Time

The drone can fly for up to 31 minutes on a single charge.


The Mini 4K offers intelligent QuickShots, which allow users to capture professional-level videos with just a few taps. QuickShot modes include Helix, Dronie, Rocket, Circle, and Boomerang.

Flight Tutorials

The DJI Fly App, used to control the Mini 4K drone, provides flight tutorials to help beginners master flying the drone quickly.

DJI Mini 4K

Comparison to Other DJI Drones

The DJI Mini 4K is part of the DJI Mini-Series, which includes other models such as the Mini 2 SE and Mini 3. Here’s a brief comparison between these models:

DJI Mini 2 SE

The Mini 2 SE shoots video in 2.7K resolution, while the Mini 4K can shoot in 4K. The Mini 4K also supports higher video bitrates and offers additional features like 2x digital zoom.

DJI Mini 2 SE

DJI Mini 3

The Mini 3 is designed for adventure and features extended battery life, 4K HDR video, and True Vertical Shooting for optimized social media shots.

DJI Mini 3

DJI Mini 4 Pro

The Mini 4 Pro is the most capable drone in the DJI Mini-Series. It integrates 4K/60fps HDR True Vertical Shooting, obstacle sensing, and other advanced features.

DJI Mini 4 Pro

Pricing and Availability

The DJI Mini 4K drone is available for purchase at a price of US$ 299. There is also a Fly More Combo option available for US$ 449, which includes two extra batteries and a standalone charger. The drone can be found on Amazon and other authorized retailers.

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