How to Fix Error 3FO; Boot Device Not Found

On one faithful morning after a hot refresh, headed straight to my electeonic notebook. I dangled my finger onto the power on button and gave it a gentle squeez.

The usual ritual of POST was initiated so I laid back for a refreshing swipe on my smartphone. An awful look starred me in the face with which the last six words read;


What!, I said. Then reached out to repeat the earlier procedure. This time around; a loud beep ???. Oops!, the drive is dead, So whats the  next step?

Now, when this happens it means Power On Self Test procedure initiated successfuly but looking for your Bootable Operating system, to start up failed. This process typically looks for  your hardrive first in the boot order specified by you or the manufacturer at make.

What to do when you encounter “BOOT DEVICE NOT FOUND”

  1. Check for all ports with connections on your device (If found any, kindly unplug them. Eg. Pendrive).
  2. Listern for possible click sound emanating from inside the device.
  3. Power off device, unplug the battery if detachable battery our power supply, wait for about 3min and repower on (This method works in most first time cases but not a guarantee it would work for you).
  4. Boot into BIOS and check your boot order, probably trying to connect to an unavailable device.

If all of the above procedure fails, then you got to start thinking of a replacement drive. Wish you the best of luck ✌.


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