How to transfer credit on Vodafone Ghana

Transferring credit on Vodafone is a convenient way to help friends and family stay connected when they need it most. Whether it's topping up their balance or gifting them with some extra credit, Vodafone makes it easy for users to transfer credit seamlessly.

More often we wish to share airtime with our family, friend and love ones however we tend to not because we do not know how. In this article you will get to know just how convenient you can transfer airtime to your family, friends and loved ones on the Vodafone network in Ghana. Lets get into it.

Before you can transfer credit on Vodafone, make sure you are eligible. Typically, Vodafone allows prepaid customers to transfer credit to other prepaid customers within the same network. It’s important to note that postpaid customers are not eligible for credit transfers.

There are three methods to transfer airtime on the network aimed at providing option to the different users on the network. These options are;

  • Transferring Airtime in Ghana Cedis
  • Transferring Airtime in Ghana Cedis & Ghana Pesewas
  • Transferring Airtime with the Prompt

Transferring Airtime in Cedi

  • Enter *516*recipient’s number*credit in Ghana cedis*password# and send.
  • Example; To transfer GH¢ 50 to 0203000000, Dial *516*0203000000*50*1234# and send.

Transferring Airtime in Cedis & Pesewas

Enter *516*recipient’s number*credit in Ghana Cedis*credit in Ghana Pesewas*Pin# and send.
Example; To transfer 30Gp to Vodafone number 0203000000, follow the steps below:

 *516*0203000000*0*30*1234# and send.

Transferring Airtime with the Prompt

To make your transfer with the prompt process;

  • Dial *516#.
  • Select option 1.
  • Enter the number of your airtime recipient (eg. 0203000000).
  • Enter you Amount on Ghana Cedis.
  • Enter your PIN to confirm credit transfer.

After successfully transferring credit, you will receive a confirmation message from Vodafone. This message will typically include details such as the transferred amount, the recipient’s number, and the transaction ID. Save this message for future reference if needed.

conducting a transfer
Conducting a transfer


Transferring credit on Vodafone is a user-friendly process that allows you to support your loved ones by gifting them with extra credit when they need it. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can easily transfer credit on Vodafone and ensure that your friends and family stay connected. Remember to check your eligibility, use the correct transfer code, and double-check all details before confirming the transfer. Happy transferring!

  • You can transfer a minimum of 20Gp and a maximum of GH¢ 50.
  • Default password is 1234.
  • A service fee of 5Gp is charged per transaction.
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