Packaging companies in Ghana

Packaging technology plays a crucial role in multiple industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and logistics. It aims to provide functional, safe, and attractive packaging solutions that meet the specific requirements of different products and markets.

Packaging technology refers to the methods, techniques, and processes involved in designing, producing, and using packaging materials and systems. It encompasses various aspects such as the selection of materials, design considerations, manufacturing processes, and quality control measures to ensure that products are properly protected, stored, transported, and presented to consumers.

In Ghana, the packaging industry is not well developed to meet the demands for ready-to-eat foods and industrial products. The use of both flexible and rigid packaging materials is prevalent, with a large proportion of ready-to-eat foods being packed in soft or flexible materials. The cost of packaging contributes significantly to the production cost, leading to the use of cheap and poorly designed packages by local industries. Traditional packaging materials are favored due to their low cost and ready availability.

The Ghana Standard Authority is responsible for seeing to the suitability of packaging vis-a-vis product quality in the country.


Below are some packaging organisation you me goto for your packaging solutions.

Royal Crown Packaging Ltd

Royal Crown Packaging Ltd is a company based in Ghana that provides corrugated box and folding carton solutions. Royal Crown Packaging is known for its commitment to sustainability and offers paper bags as an eco-friendly alternative for carrying goods.

ePac Flexible Packaging

ePac Flexible Packaging is a global technology-driven custom flexible packaging company that provides packaging solutions for brands of all sizes. They serve the industry with the highest quality standup pouches, lay flat pouches, rollstock, and connected packaging solutions. ePac Flexible Packaging provides a fast and easy way for small and medium-sized businesses to buy flexible packaging products. Most orders from ePac Flexible Packaging ship within 5-15 business days from artwork approval.

Finepack Industries Limited

Finepack Industries Limited is a manufacturer of flexible packaging products in Ghana. They specialize in producing high-quality high-density and low-density polythene materials for various applications. Finepack Industries offers a wide range of packaging solutions, including shopping bags, pure water sachets, and other types of flexible packaging materials.

Universal Packaging Gh. Ltd.

UNIPACK Ghana is a full-fledge one-stop-shop labeling and packaging company whose core business is in the folding carton boxes and flexible packaging with packaging supplies including paper rolls, paper bags, corrugated boxes, facial tissues, plastic cups and glasses, latex and vinyl gloves, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Sintex Container Gh Ltd

Sintex is a plastic manufacturing company based in Ghana that produces both flexible and rigid plastic products. Sintex Ghana develops and designs its own products and offers a full range of packaging solutions for a wide range of consumer products. The company produces packaging for a variety of products, including water tanks, food containers, and household items. Sintex Ghana is also known for its container water tanks.

Packaging Matrixx

Packaging Matrixx specializes in the printing of packaging products such as PVC Shrink Sleeves, Cosmetics bags, Rubber Labels, Rice packs, Laminates, and Foil Blisters. It is important to note that Packaging Matrixx is not a flexible packaging company, but rather a company that specializes in printing and manufacturing various types of packaging products.

Fon Packaging

Fon Packaging specializes in corrugated paper packaging. FON Packaging has a strong presence in the market and is recognized for its reliable and innovative packaging solutions.

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