How to withdraw from Bank ATM with AT Money

Mobile money is a financial service that allows users to store, send, and receive money using their mobile phones. It provides a convenient and accessible way for individuals to manage their finances, especially in areas where traditional banking services may be limited. Mobile money accounts are typically offered by mobile network operators or entities that partner with them, independent of the traditional banking network.

As independent as is Mobile Money, agents from a pivotal role in the administration of cash where cash is required for a transaction. There are scenarios where a subscriber ma have funds but no agents around to help convert e-money to cash; to solve this at have form alliance with banks to leverage their Automated Teller Machines across the country. AT has make this possible that you can visit any of their partner Automated tellers to cash-out your e-cash in your AT Money account. Just utilise the code below once you get to the ATM 🏧 .

Partner Banks currently enrolled on AT Money ATM Withdrawals

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