The Xiaomi AR Glass offering retina level quality

Xiaomi has revealed a new gadget in their AR department with a Glass wearable named Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass.

The Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass boast a retina-level near-eye display for AR glasses, Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition delivers a truly immersive visual experience with Xiaomi self-developed Xiaomi AR Gesture Control which enables effortless control between virtual and real space.

Lei Jun (Founder and CEO of Xiaomi) tweet on Xiaomi AR Glass

Whats New

The new generation has been announced as a concept called Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass with new sensors, screens and function control through gestures, all without the use of wires and with a premium structure in magnesium-lithium alloy and carbon fiber. A huge move from Micro LED display from 2021.

Weight and Power

This is the first glasses from the Chinese-based Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1 platform from Qualcomm. The weight of the wearable is only 126 grams and this was made possible thanks to the new silicon-oxygen anode battery.

The viewers

The two screens present in the glasses are micro-OLED with three-layer prisms for light orientation of what is shown on displays with a resolution of 57 PPD (pixels per degree). The maximum brightness is 1200 nits with electrochromatic lenses so that the user does not face problems when viewing content even in external environments, plus a blackout mode that blocks the ambient light to make the experience more immersive.

Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass
Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass


The control of the glasses is done by gestures captured by the cameras integrated into the wearable, allowing the user to browse web pages, use applications such as TikTok and YouTubef and even control other smart devices such as TVs, connected lights just pointing the glasses at them with spatial gestures.

Gesture Controls
Gesture Controls

Release Date

Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass remains a concept at this time an will not be released to the public, as the market keeps making gains i development in AR among manufacturers it is safe to expect a public release in the short term.

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