8 new features comes to Android interface and Wear OS

Google has released new features to enhance the interface of Android and Wear OS devices. The idea is to increase productivity and accessibility with a bit of fun in the operating systems.

The eight new features enhance the user experience across the two Google operating system products of Android and Wear OS (The Android wearable operating system for Smartwatch and other wearable).

The first refers to Google Keep

The note making application will allow users to place a note on the device homepage and this will also play on a paired smartwatch.

Also in the lists app, two new shortcuts will be available for Wear OS to create new notes and schedule reminders through voice command. You can annotate pdfs in Google Drive, choose different colors for each note, and use the wordmark tool, for example.

Google Meet

Another new is noise cancellation on Google Meet during calls on Android device, decreasing the alarming sounds that surround the interlocutor.


Fast pair will soon be able to connect new Bluetooth headphones to your Chromebook with just one tap. And if you’ve already set up headphones with your Android phone, your Chromebook will also automatically connect to them.


There is a new combinations available in Emoji Kitchen to use with GBoard. Some examples given by Google are combining a basketball with a heart and stamping the human organ with its passion for the sport.

Google Wallet

For those who use Wallet, new tap-to-pay animations will arrive next week to confirm transactions, such as cheerful penguins.

Google Chrome

Another form of customization will be released and easier to set the size of content in Chrome, which includes text, images, video, and interactive controls. They are up to 300% zooming, preserving the page layout. And the user can set their preferred content size to default, so they don’t have to change it every time they open Chrome.

Google Wear OS 3+

Finally, Wear OS 3+ will introduce two new sound and display modes to improve watch accessibility. Mono audio can help limit the disorientation caused by split audio, while color correction and grayscale modes offer more options for viewing the watch.

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