Huawei patents new technology for smart glasses with wireless charging

The sketches describe "eyeglass boxes and kits that can be used for wireless charging."

Huawei has an extensive portfolio of smart devices and solutions for building networks with 5G frequencies. Between smartphones and smart TVs,the Chinese manufacturer should make room to present new smart glasses with innovative technologies.

Another patent signed by the leading company in this global market has been registered. The document reveals the technology implemented for its new smart glasses that will arrive with wireless charging through an unprecedented equipment in their wearable devices.

The sketches describe “eyeglass boxes and kits that can be used for wireless charging.” As noted in the sketch, the glasses will receive a physical support that can be used for charging through coils that create a magnetic field with electrical energy.

In wire charging systems, the entry doors to the interface used usually occupy a significant area of the glasses, and can also be cited as an obstacle to resistance to water and dust. To work around the problem, Huawei’s new patent may represent a good advance.

Huawei had already launched the second generation of its smart eyewear line in October last year —the Gentle Monster Eyewear II hit the market with smart features that allowed gesture controls and supported wireless charging through NFC technology.

For now, the loading methodology is the only detail that suggests the launch of new wearables from the Chinese giant. Huawei Watch smart watches are the protagonists among the type devices today, and should soon receive the new HarmonyOS interface.

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