Superbird Browser

Superbird Browser is a browser with special emphasis placed on speed, stability and data security. Compared to other browsers, Superbird surprises with extremely fast website rendering. The browser is based on the open Chromium source code but does not send data about user behavior (e.g. visited sites) to Google.

Superbird is a very fast, lightweight and highly responsive browser that comes with a portable version loadable from a USB drive. Superbird offers a solution to common issues many people have with Chrome browsing along a variety of extensions available like adblocker, themes, plugins etc. Here is what Superbird had to says:

TopicGoogle Chrome Superbird
Installation IDGoogle Chrome generates a unique identification on installation time. According to Google, this ID will be used to track the number of installations.No data is sent to Google
RLZ identifierGoogle Chrome communicates information about where Google Chrome was downloadedNo data is sent to Google
Client IDA unique client ID transmitted to Google in the case that Google Chrome crashesNo data is sent to Google
SuggestDuring your input, text from the url bar is transmitted to GoogleNo data is sent to Google
Bug TrackerIf Chrome detects a fault it is sent to GoogleNo data is sent to Google
Google UpdaterGoogle installs a Google updater that searches updates in the backgroundNo data is sent to Google
Malformed URLOnce you enter the wrong address in the browser address line, Chrome will send this address to GoogleNo data is sent to Google


Installation of Superbird takes only a few seconds and it boots up from the desktop at a very fast rate and immediately accessible. It has access to the same open-source Chromium plug-ins used by other Chrome-style browsers and better yet, it doesn’t send any data to Google or other big corporations.


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