How to download and install Telegraphics ico plugin for Photoshop

ICO (Icon) is a file format primarily used for computer icons in the Microsoft Windows operating system. ICO files contain one or more small images at multiple sizes and color depths. These files are used to represent applications, shortcuts, directories, and programs on the Windows desktop, start menu, and in Windows Explorer.

To download and install Telegraphics’ ICO plugin for Photoshop, you can follow these steps:

Go to the Telegraphics website

Open a web browser and navigate to the Telegraphics website. Check more information for link at the end of this guide.

Locate the ICO Format plugin

On the Telegraphics website, scroll down until you find the ICO Format section. There, you will see options for 32-bit, 64-bit, or Mac versions of the plugin. Choose the appropriate version based on your computer (mostly 64-Bit).

telegraphics free plugins for photoshop illustrator.and other software
Telegraphics free plugins for photoshop illustrator.and other software

Download the plugin

Click on the download link for the version you selected. This will initiate the download of the ICO plugin file to your computer.

Locate the Photoshop Plug-ins folder

Once the plugin is downloaded, you need to locate the Plug-ins folder in your Photoshop installation directory. The path may vary depending on your operating system. For example, on Windows, it is typically located in “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop\Plug-ins“.

Install the plugin

Copy the downloaded ICO plugin file and paste it into the Plug-ins folder you located in the previous step.

paste into plugins folder
paste into plugins folder

Restart Photoshop

Close and reopen Photoshop to ensure that the plugin is properly installed and activated.

ico save dialogue
ico save dialogue

By following these steps, you should be able to download and install Telegraphics’ ICO plugin for Photoshop.

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