SMSGH evolves to Hubtel

SMSGH, one of Ghana’s oldest and mobile messaging service provider is evolving into a new brand. From May 12, 2017 SMSGH becomes Hubtel.

After 12 years of helping businesses reach and engage their customers with products such as MYtxtBOX, MPowerPayments, and Jumpfon.

The company is out-dooring its new identity, a new name, new brand colors, a new website and improved products on a single platform.

SMSGH becomes a trans-national brand for mobile messaging, content and commerce aggregation; developing and deploying mobile solutions to enrich lives and lifestyle.

A single platform Hubtel; primarily to address challenges businesses face in providing proper customer service. They hope to achieve this by delivering millions of business-critical mobile alerts to pioneering mobile banking & online payments.

The main focus of the company is to help businesses with the most effective engagement channels.

On, May 12, 2017, services like MYtxtBox and MPower payments will be no longer be available.

Existing customers will be moved to an improved platform with even better services on Hubtel.


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