How to protect your real email address to help control your inbox

Firefox Relay is a service provided by Mozilla that allows users to create email aliases, or email masks, to protect their privacy and control the amount of spam they receive. With Firefox Relay, users can create up to five email aliases that forward messages to their real inbox, so their true email address stays private. This service is available as a Firefox extension and can be used on both desktop and mobile devices.

One main advantage of Firefox Relay is that it helps users protect their online accounts from hackers and spammers. By using email aliases, users can give out a different email address for each service or website they sign up for. This way, if one of their email aliases gets compromised, their main email address will remain safe.

Firefox Relay is also easy to use. All you have to do is install the Firefox extension and then create an email alias by clicking on the Relay icon in the email field of the website you’re signing up for. Firefox Relay will then generate a unique email address for you to use. Messages sent to this email address will be forwarded to your real inbox, and you can reply to them as usual.

In addition to the free service, Firefox Relay also offers a premium version that allows users to create more aliases and get priority support. The premium version is available for a monthly or annual fee.

Firefox Relay is a useful tool for anyone looking to protect their privacy online and control the amount of spam they receive. With its simple user interface and reliable email forwarding capabilities, Firefox Relay is a great choice for anyone who wants to keep their online activities secure.

firefox relay
firefox relay

Steps on how to use Firefox Relay:

The Premium version

A premium version of Firefox Relay is also available, which allows you to generate more email aliases and provides additional features. Firefox Relay Premium is an upgraded version of the free service that offers additional features and benefits.

For a monthly fee of $4.99, Relay Premium users can register their own domain name, which allows them to create even more unique masks and add their own personal touch to their email addresses. Additionally, Relay Premium users can reply to forwarded emails and have access to an option to block senders, helping to further reduce unwanted messages. Premium comes with unlimited masks, which allows users to create as many aliases as they need without worrying about hitting any limits. This is particularly useful for people who sign up for lots of different services or have multiple online personas.


Firefox Relay and Premium is a great way to protect your personal email address and keep your inbox organized. With its additional features and benefits, it’s a great upgrade for users who want more control over their email aliases and more powerful spam reduction tools.

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