YouTube kickoff monetizing Shorts with the following rules

The new monetization model of YouTube Shorts begun yesterday. The new rules replace the old YouTube Shorts Fund and promise better benefits for creators.

The new monetization model of YouTube Shorts begun yesterday. The new rules replace the old YouTube Shorts Fund and promise better benefits for creators.

Profit sharing is valid for those who have signed the contracts in advance. Creators who accessed fan funding earlier have lower qualifying limits.

Overall, you must have met the requirement as covered in YouTube Shorts begins monetization in February. Within the program, partners can access various features, including long videos.

Potential to earn

YouTube require that creators accept all monetization modules to “unleash all potential earnings” from the platform. They are the “Short Maintenance”, the “Monetization module of the display page” and the “Commercial Product Added”.

After signing up, YouTube Shorts creators will have their channels reviewed to see if they meet monetization policies. They are valid for anyone who is or wants to join the partner program.

Channels must have original content, created on or off YouTube. For ad revenue, you must also meet the appropriate content guidelines for advertising. The formula for division of earning will be 45% with YouTubers whiles YouTube keeps 55%. Not quite a fair share however its a subject for another time.

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