Content that qualify for Google Adsense and YouTube Monetisation

Quality content is an essential aspect of any successful website, blog or social media platform.

Your content needs to be engaging, informative and relevant to attract and retain your audience. Creating high-quality content on the web is not an easy task, but there are some tips and guidelines you can follow to increase your chances of success.

To qualify for Google AdSense and YouTube monetization, you need to follow the Eligibility criterion for YouTube Monetisation and the AdSense platform guidelines set forth by the platforms.

For YouTube

Your content must comply with YouTube‘s advertiser-friendly content guidelines. This means that your content must not contain any graphic violence, nudity or sexually suggestive content, hateful or discriminatory content, harmful or dangerous acts, or promotion of regulated goods or services.

For Websites (Adsense)

Your content must comply with the program policies, which cover a range of topics related to user experience, content, traffic sources, and more. The policies include not clicking on your own ads, not placing ads on sites with prohibited content, not placing ads on non-content-based pages, and more. As well, your content needs to comply with Google’s webmaster guidelines, which cover topics like site design, content quality, and technical considerations

Create all elements of the video yourself. 

Examples include:

  • Make sure you have all the necessary rights to commercially use all visuals created by you.
  • Keep in mind that advertisers are more likely to place ads on advertiser-friendly content.

Content you didn’t create:

Both avenue require high-quality, valuable content that provides a good user experience and complies with their guidelines. By creating quality content that meets these requirements, you can increase your chances of qualifying for monetization and generating revenue from your content.

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