Waterfox G3.0.2 – Third Generation Released with awesome roadmap

The latest released update for Waterfox, Waterfox G3.0.2 – Third Generation made its entrance with a new look and roadmap with tentative timelines leading into 2021.

Talk of Chrome and Opera Store interoperability an many awesome features. Below is the release and change-log for your reference.

What’s new in G3.0.2?

👨‍🔧 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Waterfox on Windows had -APPVERSION appended to its processes.
  • Fixed an issue where only the Flash NPAPI could be used. (Thanks to @neutrino38)
  • Fixed some issues with irregularities in the new Abyss/Floe themes.
  • Fixed colour issues on some text on Linux.

👛 Changes

  • Added support for Unity/Global menu on Linux.
  • macOS builds are now built with the 11.1 SDK.
  • Network predictions are now disabled.
  • Simplified page print checkbox is now available when printing.
  • Disabled all connections to firefox.settings.services.mozilla.com. If this causes issues with web features, this may need to be investigated further.
  • Updated to Gecko 78.6.
  • You can now see which git commit was used for your build of Waterfox. You can view this information by accessing about:buildconfig in the address bar.
Waterfox gets a refreshing look with Waterfox G3.0.2 – Lets Check it out

📝 What’s new in G3.0.1?

👨‍🔧 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users would upgrade and their old profile would not be used.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not change their default profile.
  • Fixed an issue where add-ons were not correctly initialising, causing browser instability.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect update channel was being used (no user changes needed).

👛 Changes

  • Re-implemented the Dark and Light Photon themes.
  • Added user agent overrides for various websites that do not recognise Waterfox, including: Netflix, WhatsApp Web, Chase bank, Swedbank and Amazon Prime Video.

I updated from Current to G3.0.0 and my data is missing! Does this update fix it?

Yes, although it won’t do it automatically. Unfortunately there was an issue with the update to G3.0.0 that meant a small set of users could not use their old profile data. If you are one of the users and would like to use your old profile, please type about:profiles in the address bar and do either of the following:

If you have both Classic and Current/G3 installed, be careful which profile you select!

  1. Locate your old profile and click the “Set as default” button. Restart Waterfox and voilà – your old profile should now have loaded with all your data intact!
  2. If “Set as default” doesn’t appear, you can click the “Launch profile in new browser” button. Close your old browser window.

Almost a decade later and Waterfox is still going strong and set to grow even more and establish a vibrant ecosystem.

Not everything we have planned for Waterfox has made it in this release, but you can rest assured it is on its way in the near future.

This version of Waterfox is based on Firefox ESR78 and includes a number of performance improvements implemented by the team at Waterfox. This version is a direct upgrade for Waterfox Current 2020.10.


Below you can find a general roadmap of Waterfox for the coming year ahead.

  • Add remaining missing features, such as restart button and tabs beneath address bar.
  • Add updated Classic profile import
  • Improved website with transparency section
  • 🥳 10 Year Anniversary
  • Private Tab functionality
  • Ability to install addons from Chrome and Opera stores
  • Ability to install userChrome modifications directly within the browser
  • Support for Android and iOS
  • Support for ARM64 platforms
  • Release Waterfox services to supplement the browser, including add-on store and Waterfox Account Service.
  • Weekly trunk release of Waterfox, so future upgrades between ESR versions take a shorter time to release.

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