The BenQ LK935 4K projector perfect for home theater and living room use

The LK935 stands out for features such as native 4K resolution and life expectancy of 20 hours. There is even a specific mode for video conferences.

BenQ’s new 4K projector is perfect for home theater and living room use. It features a 4K resolution, precise color accuracy, and a long LED light source life. The brightness and price of the projector vary depending on the model.

The design of the device does not escape much of what many are already accustomed to seeing in other products of the same category. In this sense, the highlights are for the technical specifications of the item, such as the capacity of 5,500 lumens and a technology called DustGuard, which is the reason for the projector to have the mentioned useful life.

This BenQ projector comes with a speaker with built-in 10W power. In addition, its modes go beyond the already mentioned for video calls and there is how to adjust for different applications, such as spreadsheets, infographics or even slideshows, being quite versatile.

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BenQ LK935 4K projector

Not only that, but there’s support for use with Microsoft Teams, where the device adapts features so you can have an improved experience in virtual meetings. In addition, the available ports include HDMI, USB-A, HDBaseT and Display Port technologies.

  • Lifetime: The search results do not provide information on the lifetime of the projector.
  • Brightness: The brightness of the projector varies depending on the model. For example, the BenQ X3000i 4K LED gaming projector delivers 3000 ANSI lumens2, while the LK990 Installation Projector features 6000 lumens brightness.
  • Resolution: The projector has a 4K resolution, which means it has twice the resolution of 4K Pro-UHD or 4Ke projectors. 21:9 aspect ratio provides an optimal display for video conferences.
  • Color accuracy: The projector features Cinematic Color super-wide 95% DCI-P3 and 100% Rec.709 color space, which delivers precise colors to preserve the director’s vision.
  • LED light source life: The LED light source life varies depending on the model. For example, the BenQ HT3550 4K Home Theater Projector has a normal LED light source life of 4,000 hours and an economic LED light source life of 10,000 hours.
  • Price: The price of the projector is US$ 4,499.
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That said, the product can only be purchased through import into Europe or the United States. As for the amount, interested parties must pay US$ 4,499.00 to obtain the device.

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