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The story of rlg communications begun as Roagam Links in the year 2001, a privately owned business specialized in training of youth groups in mobile phone servi

The story of rlg communications begun as Roagam Links in the year 2001, a privately owned business specialized in training of youth groups in mobile phone servicing and repairs along with sale of mobile devices in the country of Ghana. In 2006 Roagam Links changed to Rlg Communications (Ghana) Limited; a computer and handset manufacturing organization. They assembled laptops, desktops and mobile phones making them the first indigenous company to achieve such feat on the continent of Africa. The new brand continued to offer ICT training in the repair of computers and phones.

Expansion of rlg Communications

With the rebrand completed on an organizational model to generate mass high-skilled employment for thousands of African youth aimed at meeting the rising demand for computers and other ICT devices, rlg began assembling and expanding into other countries. rlg also engaged in capacity building and training programs in collaboration with Ghana’s Ministry of Youth and Sports through the Ghana Youth Employment Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA) at the Rlg Institute of Technology. Under the program, rlg indicates to have trained over 30,000 youth in mobile phone servicing, repairs, assembling, sales and service delivery, computer programming, hardware, software and entrepreneurship. Similar training centers were established in Nigeria and the Gambia.

rlg mgsone laptop

In 2012, rlg became a Windows 8 OS Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with partnership with Microsoft to supply The mgsone rlg laptop; A pre equipped EDGE modem, Windows 7 OS and Chrome OS dual boot laptop that requires just an active Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) and an Intel Atom processor.

In 2013 rlg released the iconic Uhuru Laptop; the first stylish laptop featuring a detachable dock and a secondary battery from an African technology organisation.

rlg Uhuru

rlg had affiliates and offices in Ghana, China, Nigeria, Dubai, Kenya, South Africa, Angola, Rwanda and the Gambia with far advanced plans to expand into the entire West Africa market and subsequently to the rest of the continent. The Group Products ranges from low end, mid end to high end made up of mobile phones, desktops, laptops, earphones, and other accessories. rlg won a number of awards and recognition like being ranked 1st on the List of Top 100 Companies in Ghana, thus the Ghana Club 100, another being pronounced the Fastest Growing Company in Ghana and the Leader in Ghana ICT Sector for 2011 by the Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC). The company’s Founder and CEO, Roland Agambire was adjudged Ghana’s Marketing Man of the Year 2011 by the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) with one of rlg products, Rlg Phones named Product of the Year 2011.

Roland Agambire became the 2nd Most Respected CEO in Ghana with rlg coming up as the 3rd Most Respected Company in Ghana, according to the audit and accounting organisation, PriceWaterHouse Coopers & the Business & Financial Times newspaper; a business related news organisation. rlg became a member of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Ghana Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI ) and a corporate member of the Institute of Public Relations, Ghana (IPR).

Rlg Communications Group started operation in Ghana in 2002, first as a small internet cafe and later a mobile phone repair and sales outlet known as Roagam Links. In 2006, the company was rebranded under the name Rlg Communications Limited, then as a subsidiary of the Agams Group of Companies Limited (now Agams Holdings Limited) as a limited liability.

In 2012, the company became a separate entity from the Agams Holdings Limited to form the Rlg Group of Companies with its subsidiaries being Rlg Communications Ghana Limited, Rlg Institute of Technology Limited, The Rlg Foundation, Rlg Security Services Limited, Rlg Communications JLT (Rlg Dubai), Rlg Communications PYT (Rlg South Africa), Rlg Communications Nigeria Limited, Rlg Communications Kenya Limited, Rlg Communications China Limited, Rlg Communications Rwanda Limited, Rlg Communications Gambia Limited and counting.

The Today and a Quote

rlg Communications has gone mute with well known domains like rlgglobal.com and rlgmobile.com going offline without notice, though the Adulawo Technology City website remains active, it say nothing. Lets reminisce on a quote from Roland Agambiri.

“I trust that when Africa takes off with the internet world it will become a different place because this is where the volumes of devices will move and this is where the volume of people will be concentrated because this is going to be the new thing that we are already adapting to,”

says Roland Agambire, Chairman of AGAMS Holdings and Group Chairman of Rlg Communications Group.

Identity Marks of rlg

An old rlg communication logo
rlg commnications logo

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