Mozilla just made screen capturing better with just 2 steps

The journey of getting users to take snapshots and record screens begun years back in the 19th century with the first debute of screen capturing debuting in around 1960. Many developers from all walks of operating systems have invented varied recipies for carying out this task which we would share light on in a latter post.

Firefox’s latest update; Firefox 56.0 released with initial appearance on 28th September, 2017 features a new screen capturing feature, allowing users to execute capture finction by draging to select with an x,y axis.

Before this, most users and screen capturers had to resort to firefox addon extentions from the addon marketplace with such functionality or look out for additional installable programes that allows for the screen capturing and or screen recording.

Released on September 28, 2017, Version 56.0,  gives Firefox users a better experience with features like Firefox Screenshots, Send Tabs, and more control over their browser with an improved (and searchable) preferences section.

It also includes incremental performance improvements that move users closer to Mozilla’s proised upcoming biggest release of the year in November. Aloha!.

Firefox Screesn Capture

How To Capture Just What You Want with Firefox

  1. Click and drag to capture just a portion of a page. You can also hover to highlight your selection.
  2. Save your cropped shots to the web for easier sharing, or download them to your computer. You also can click on the My Shots button to find all the shots you’ve taken.

Hurray your capturing is done. No stress.

Hop your copy of Firefox and enjoy your less stressfull screenshooting. Hope you make the most out 0f the screencapturing function off the firefox 56.0.


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