How to print XPS Files

The XPS file format is Microsoft’s attempt at competing the commonly known and universal PDF format. Like PDF, XPS is a multi-platform document type that enabling users to share documents irrespective of operating sytem in use.

XPS which is acronymn for XML Paper Specification very much in the crawl after it was introduced with the Microsoft Office 2007, Windows Vista and Windows 7 platforms. Printing an XPS document is quite easy as long as you have an XPS viewer installed on your system.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 comes by default with an XPS viewer however other operating systems would have to install the viewer for support.

Initiating a Print

Step 1

Download and install the XPS viewer for Windows if you don’t already have it installed on your computer. Download if you don’t already. section for a link to download it. After downloading the file, double-click it to start the installation wizard. Follow the steps in the installation wizard to install the program.

Step 2

Open your XPS file in the XPS viewer. Double-click the XPS file in its saved location and it will open automatically in the XPS viewer.

Step 3

Print the XPS file from within the XPS viewer. Click on “File > Print” in the menu bar. The “Print” dialog box appears. Choose a printer to print the file to and click “Print.”

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