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29 September, 20183 min

Google has quietly added more countries to its supported locations for developer and merchant registration.

First up, developers in Palau and the U.S. Virgin Islands, two countries that were previously completely off the list, can now register on Google Play as well as create merchant accounts. Their payments will be made in USD, which is the official currency of both nations.

But while there is developer support for most countries, not all of them allow merchant registration. Without the latter, developers may create apps, but may only list them for free.

In August, the company added merchant support for six countries including Albania, Algeria, and Armenia. Now, in addition to bringing this option to Palau and the U.S. Virgin Islands, eight more countries received merchant capabilities, all of which use USD for currency:

  • Bahamas
  • Belize
  • Fiji
  • Ghana
  • Guam
  • Haiti
  • Macedonia
  • Mauritius

While Google lists these countries as officially supported, we are unable to independently verify them as such.

So if you’re a developer in one of the newly-supported countries, please drop us a line if you’re able to access either developer or merchant registration.

Source: Play Console Help

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