Airtel Ghana and Tigo Ghana now AirtelTigo – Y'abɔ mu

Just as the Airtel, Tigo Orange; The Speculation Story, the inevitable has finally arrived and the duo calls it Y’abɔ Mu. MomandDad, not to experience anger from the children, begun with a FAQs video release sensitizing their numerous children on how great their marriage would be and why the children have no reason to worry about the new family union they are about to find themselves in.

Few days after, the scene was graced with an intresting chat of the newly married couples displaying their hapiness of their marriage.

Airtel Ghana and Tigo Ghana now AirtelTigo

Just when the loud debate was in cruise control the honey moon couples shot another hooker;

Airtel Ghana and Tigo Ghana now AirtelTigo

As for we, we dey watch for the fruit of the marriage. That what we want to know. Oh yes, the Quality of the Fruit.

This new development is being looked up to cause a stare in the telecommunication landscape of Ghana. A tighten competition for that, where subscribers would get world-class value of service. Stay put, we would keep you posted as the days goes bye.

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