Windows 11 and what will be removed from the operating system

Microsoft announced that more than 15 functions present in the current OS will simply be removed or no longer installed natively.

Microsoft unveiled last Thursday the new Windows 11, a new version of the most popular operating system in the world. The software, which will arrive for free in late 2021 for those who use Windows 10, features a more modern look, multiscreen support, Android apps in the app store and more news.

Despite the additions, the computer program will also have several casualties. Microsoft announced that more than 15 functions present in the current OS will simply be removed or no longer installed natively. Among the main removals is Cortana, the artificial intelligence app will no longer be included in startup and will not be pinned to the taskbar. Another notable absence is Internet Explorer, which the company had already announced to decommission.


According to Microsoft, Cortana will no longer “be included in the first startup experience or pinned to the taskbar.” Artificial intelligence was used in the initial configuration of the system, a task that will no longer be fulfilled by it.

Internet Explorer

The traditional browser will only be disabled on June 15, 2022, yet it will no longer be in Windows 11 by the end of this year. “Microsoft Edge is the recommended replacement and includes IE mode, which can be useful in certain scenarios,” the company says.

Start Menu

According to Microsoft, the following changes have been made to the new Start Menu:

  • Named groups and application folders are no longer supported, and the layout is not currently resizable;
  • Pinned apps and sites will not be migrated during Windows 10 upgrade;
  • Dynamic Tiles are no longer available. To use dynamic and visible content, you’ll need to refer to the new Widgets feature.

Tablet mode and S Mode

Tablet Mode, which allows you to use your computer as a tablet, has been completely removed. To replace, Windows 11 will have new features to dock and uncouple the keyboard. S Mode, running that projects more security and performance by running only Microsoft Store apps, will only be available on Windows 11 Home.

Tablet mode and S Mode
Tablet mode and S Mode

Applications that will no longer be installed

Microsoft explained that in addition to Internet Explorer, some other software will no longer be installed during the clean installation of Windows 11. Despite this, the programs will be in the online app store. They are:

  • 3D viewer;
  • OneNote for Windows 10;
  • 3D Paint;
  • Skype;

Removing Skype makes a lot of sense, as the new operating system will have Microsoft Teams built in. As a sea long as the older video conferencing program will no longer take priority.

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Last updated on November 30th, 2022


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