What to Do If You Forgot Your Kindle Password

If you have forgotten your Kindle password, it can be frustrating to be locked out of your device.

Considered as one of the leading e-readers on the market, the Kindle is packed with configuration options. Among them is the possibility of adding a lock password to the home screen of the device, increasing security in access.

But what to do if you forget this password?

If you’ve set a local password to lock your Kindle but forgot what it is, unfortunately the news may not be that good.

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t allow e-reader users to reset this passcode—neither offline nor online. Thus, you’ll need to reset your Kindle to factory settings to be able to use it again. The process will remove your books and all other information that was stored on the device.


However, since all the information downloaded to the device from Amazon is usually synchronized with the company’s cloud, it is quite possible that when you enter your account data, all this data will be restored.

You may need to set your reading settings again, customizing the layout your way once again.

In addition, files uploaded through the computer or synchronized outside of Amazon’s process may not be uploaded again; You must repeat the process manually.

Either way, performing the restore process is fairly simple – you’ll just need to enter a code! Check out the following instructions:

  • Turn on your Kindle. You will be asked about the access code;
  • In the password field, enter the code: 111222777
    • If you have a 4th or 5th generation Kindle, enter “resetmykindle.”

When you enter the code, the Kindle will start the restore process automatically. From that moment on, the only thing you will need is patience to wait until the process is completed.

Once the process is complete, follow the step-by-step described on screen to sign in with your Amazon account again. The procedure should be very similar to what you did when you first set up your Kindle.

Now, wait until all the content syncs to your Kindle again. Depending on how many items you have in your library, the process may take a while. Be patient!

As you may have noticed, the lock password is no longer required for you to access the contents of your Kindle; After all, the device was reset.

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