Spotify Apple Watch users should delay watchOS 9 update as bug reported in playback

Spotify users should delay watchOS 9 update as bug introduced by update cause Spotify playback on Apple Watch.

Some users of iPhones have reported issues with iOS 16 and now more reports are emerging about watchOS 9, which is causing bugs in spotify playback on apple watch. The problem has been exposed by some reports in the Spotify community that are already under investigation by moderators to try to resolve the bug.

Apple WatchOS 9 introduces a bug that will cause Spotify streaming on the Apple Watch to stop working. We encourage Spotify Apple Watch users to not install the WatchOS 9 update until Apple implements a fix. Users already affected can instead download their content to their Apple Watch and listen offline or stream from their phones.

Spotify moderator Novy

The same message is being emailed to Spotify users so they don’t have the same problem with watchOS 9, which seems to be responsible for the bug, since users of the previous version do not have the same problem.

The reports state that the problem occurs as follows: streaming playback can be done on the clock for one minute, but runs out of audio for the remainder of the time, even indicating that playback continues to occur.

Analysis has already pointed out that the problem is not in the audio downloaded by Spotify, so the fault really is watchOS 9, which is even more evident when we consider recent reports, which have not yet been verified, but already point out that watchOS 9.1 fixes this bug.

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