Multi TV and the channels available to a setup box

Multi TV is a digital satellite television service provider that offers a wide variety of local and international channels to its subscribers. The platform operates in Ghana, and its services are available to anyone with a compatible satellite dish and a Multi TV decoder. Subscribers can enjoy a range of channels spanning news, music, movies, sports, and entertainment.

One of the unique features of Multi TV is its free-to-air channels, which provide viewers access to a selection of channels without any subscription fees. This feature has made the service popular among users who prefer to have free access to television programming. However, the premium subscription service offers more channels and exclusive content that is only available to paid subscribers.

Multi TV provides up-to 30 television channels and additional bonus channels based on dish environment.

To access Multi TV, customers usually purchase a setup box, a satellite dish, and a token to activate the service. The company also has its online payment platform where customers can renew their subscriptions using their debit and credit cards. Service availability is subject to your setup box and access token.

Multi TV Channel List for Television

  • Joy Prime
  • Adom TV
  • Joy News
  • Fire TV (Ghana)
  • Cine Plus
  • Sweet TV
  • OB TV
  • Pent TV
  • Zylofon TV
  • Gh One
  • Aseda TV
  • Ghana TV
  • Cross TV
  • Zoe TV
  • TV3 (Ghana)
  • ZTV Ghana
  • Precious TV
  • UTV
  • Royal TV (Ghana)
  • Kessben TV
  • Angel TV (Ghana)
  • Elijah TV
  • TV Xyz
  • Rhema TV (Ghana)

Multi TV Channel List for Radio

  • Joy 99.7 FM
  • Asempa 94.7 FM
  • Luv 99.5 FM
  • Adom 106.3 FM
  • Hitz 103.9 FM
  • Nhyira 104.5 FM
  • Peace 104.3 FM
  • Citi FM
  • Atlantis Radio
  • Kessben FM
  • Angel 96.1 FM
  • New Mercury 91.5 FM
  • Fox 97.9 FM

Multi TV has revolutionized television broadcasting in Ghana by offering a variety of local and international channels at affordable prices. With its many channels and affordable prices, Multi TV has quickly become one of the most popular digital satellite television service providers in Ghana.

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