Linux Mint 21 Bluetooth not working, here is a fix

Restarting the Bluetooth service can sometimes help resolve Bluetooth issues. You can do this by opening a terminal and running the command sudo systemctl restart bluetooth. Otherwise, lets begin.

In Linux Mint 21, Blueman replaces Blueberry as the default Bluetooth manager. Blueman is a desktop-agnostic Bluetooth manager that integrates well in all environments. It relies on the standard Bluez stack , which works everywhere and can even be used or queried from the command line. Blueman provides better connectivity, especially for headsets and audio profiles, and offers more features and information for monitoring connections and troubleshooting Bluetooth issues.

If you are experiencing Bluetooth issues in Linux Mint 21, there are a few things you can try:

  1. Check if Bluetooth is enabled: Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in your system settings.
  2. Restart Bluetooth service: Restart the Bluetooth service by running the following command in the terminal:
linux control panel
Linux control panel
sudo service bluetooth restart
  1. Install Bluetooth packages: Install the necessary Bluetooth packages by running the following command in the terminal:
sudo apt-get install bluez bluez-tools bluez-hcidump
  1. Update your system: Make sure that your system is up to date by running the following command in the terminal:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
  1. Remove and re-pair devices: Remove any previously paired devices and try re-pairing them.

That is it, this should get you going.

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