Konqueror Browser

Konqueror browser is a KHTML rendering engine (which was chosen by Apple to create WebKit, which today forms the basis for modern browsers like Safari and Chrome) based browser. The browser currently supports the latest Web Standards such as HTML5, Javascript, CSS3 and others. Alternatively, Konqueror can also use Webkit if you’re looking for compatibility across the board.

Konqueror browser contains rich features such as Ad Blocking. You also have the ability to block Pop-Ups. Konqueror browser has a built- in password  manager which would securely store your passwords for easy log-in the next time you are to re enter a site. Shortcut capabilities are also available for direct access right from the desktop to the website. Tab browsing is also available whiles user can also split the screen into two and do multi-tasking on a single tab.

Bookmark manager and web translation is also available and its built-in spell checker is superb.

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