Amazon announces acquisition of MGM for $8.45 billion

Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s vast library has over 4,000 beloved film titles, including 12 Angry Men, Basic Instinct, Creed, James Bond, Legally Blonde, Moonstruck, Poltergeist, Raging Bull, Robocop, Rocky, Silence of the Lambs, Stargate, Thelma & Louise, Tomb Raider, The Magnificent Seven, The Pink Panther, The Thomas Crown Affair, and many other icons.

Few days ago, a rumor surfaced that Amazon was in talks to acquire MGM Studio (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), one of hollywood’s oldest and most traditional studios and responsible for several hit TV and film franchises. On the morning of Wednesday (26), the rumor was confirmed that Amazon announced the acquisition of the studio for US$ 8.45 billion.

The acquisition aims to expand the prime video platform catalog, which is a great move, since many studios have started to create their own streaming platforms.

MGM complements the work of Amazon Studios, which is primarily focused on producing TV series. Amazon will help preserve MGM’s heritage and film catalog by providing consumers with access to these jobs. Amazon will strengthen MGM to continue doing what they do best: great narratives.

This will add a number of Hollywood classics to the platform’s catalog, including nearly 4,000 films and 17,000 hours of TV shows such as the Bond franchise, Rocky/Creed and The Hobbit.

Vale recalls that productions made in partnerships with other studios, such as Snake Eyes, The Wizard of Oz, And the Wind Took, West Side Story, will also be added to Amazon’s umbrella.

Series such as The Handmaid’s Tale, Fargo and Vikings, as well as the realities The Voice and Shark Tank also enter into the agreement.

The acquisition was revealed days after AT&T announced the dismemberment of the WarnerMedia division, resulting in the sale of HBO and Warner Bros. for Discovery.

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