Qualcomm Snapdragon GSR able to upscale 1080p to 4K

With Snapdragon GSR, 1080p games can become sharper 4K games. Games that were only 30 FPS can be played at 60+ FPS so graphics look even smoother.

Qualcomm announced on Wednesday 26 April the new Snapdragon Game Super Resolution (GSR), an upscaling technology for mobile gaming. The tool is able to increase output resolution and raise frame rates per second on supported titles, promising a mobile experience even closer to the PC Gaming experience.

Instead of adopting the same bilinear interpolation technique used by the competition, the Snapdragon GSR performs single-pass spatial upscaling, meaning its algorithms seek to balance consistent performance and artifact-free imaging with low power consumption.

The algorithms seek to balance consistent performance and artifact-free imaging with low power consumptionSnapdragon GSR

v2 snapdragon gsr 4k upscaling
v2 snapdragon gsr 4k upscaling

According to Qualcomm, the Snapdragon GSR uses fewer texture samples than rival technologies, resulting in more efficient use of the GPU’s shading processor, reducing frame time and optimizing power consumption.

The Snapdragon GSR is compatible with most embedded graphics cards, but according to Qualcomm, there are features specifically optimized on platforms equipped with an Adreno GPU. According to the manufacturer’s benchmark tests, the rendering of textures using its technology is twice as fast as the competition.

Snapdragon GSR single pass solution is the latest first-to-market feature for mobile and XR gaming. It can be used to maximize gaming performance and battery life on devices with Snapdragon and is currently available for key partners. While compatible with most GPUs, it delivers the best performance on Snapdragon platforms.

what is snapdragon super resolution
what is snapdragon super resolution

Optimized for the Adreno GPU pipeline, the range-aware dynamic scaling of this upscaling technique is able to offer graphics quality and power savings superior to other supersampling solutions available for mobile phones, being able to deliver upscaling from 1080p to up to 4K.

How Snapdragon Game Super Resolution work? 

Snapdragon GSR is a single pass spatial upscaling technique optimized for Snapdragon Adreno graphics processing units (GPUs). It uses range-aware dynamic scaling with customizations for the Adreno GPU pipeline, delivering superior graphics quality and power savings. In general, Snapdragon GSR has two times performance improvement compared to other mobile upscaling solutions.

Snapdragon GSR Supported Titles

  • Call of Duty Warzone Mobile
  • Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy
  • Return to Empire
  • Justice Mobile
  • Naraka Mobile
  • Farming Simulator 23 Mobile

“By tapping into the unique capabilities of the Snapdragon Game Super Resolution technology, our development team has been able to easily enhance the upscaling and rendering performance of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile on a variety of different mobile devices which will ultimately deliver our players potential benefits in increased framerate, sharper graphics and extended battery life.” 

Erik Beran, Technical Director of Mobile Programming, Activision
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