Purism and a Librem life

Purism is the outcome of an increasing concern about the exploitative direction of the tech industry; rising out of this concern through crowdfunding, Purism was launched. Purism’s horn is of being a company dedicated to freedom, privacy, and security. Yeah well, prove it, we’ve heard of “Do no evil” before.

The company says it is invested in creating an ethical computing environment, with quality services and products that people will find convenient to use and beautiful to look upon. An environment you can reliably trust.

By far the company have unveiled gadgets ranging from Laptops, Smartphones, Flash drives, Mini Hubs and Servers.

Purism Products

Librem Key

A USB security token to make encryption, key management, and tamper detection convenient and secure

Librem Mini

Small form-factor mini-PC that puts freedom, privacy and security first

Librem 5

A Security and Privacy Focused Phone

Librem 14

An 14″ matte 1920×1080 i7 powered Linux based OS Laptop.

Purism Product Commitment

Purism’s Librem products are the only modern high-end devices where you are in control and have complete visibility into the operating system, all bundled software, and the deeper levels of your computer. Every Librem comes with free international shipping, a one year hardware warranty and lifetime software updates with PureOS. And our software updates are intended to make your hardware run better over time, not worse.

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Last updated on July 26th, 2023


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