Microsoft Authenticator Lite aims at passing authentication without need for dedicated app

Authenticator Lite is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up. Once enabled, users can easily satisfy a multi-factor authentication requirement and gain access to their Outlook account with a single tap on their mobile app. This feature also provides an additional layer of security to Outlook accounts against cyber attacks such as phishing, password theft, and other account takeover attempts.

Authenticator Lite is a new feature from Microsoft that allows users to satisfy a multifactor authentication (MFA) requirement using their smartphones instead of a dedicated authenticator app. With Authenticator Lite, users can easily approve Azure MFA prompts within the Outlook mobile app on iOS and Android, without needing to use the Microsoft Authenticator app separately.

This feature provides a more convenient and streamlined MFA experience, as users don’t need to switch between apps to perform the MFA check. Additionally, Authenticator Lite is easier to set up compared to the traditional Authenticator app, as the process only requires users to enter their phone number to get started.

According to research done by Microsoft , multifactor authentications completed via push notifications in the Microsoft Authenticator app are 71% less likely to be compromised than those completed via SMS codes. Therefore, we strongly recommend moving your users off phone transports for authentication and towards more secure methods such as push notifications. Authenticator Lite (in Outlook) expands the opportunity to convert users by bringing the enhanced security of push notifications to devices that have not yet downloaded the Microsoft Authenticator App. 

Authenticator Lite is a mobile authentication app from Microsoft that allows users to easily satisfy a multifactor authentication requirement. It can be used to approve Azure MFA (multi-factor authentication) prompts with the Outlook app, and it eliminates the need for users to switch between different authentication apps on their mobile devices.
Authenticator Lite

Authenticator Lite is still in preview at the time of writing, so it is subject to change before it is released for general availability. Authenticator Lite offers an easy and user-friendly way to enhance security for Outlook mobile users and is expected to provide more such features as it continues to develop.

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