How to Install VocalizerEx tts for premium quality Android speech synthesis

Android has had support for tts since its beginnings. The clarity of sound produced by the then speech synthesizers were so poor it hurts the ears yet it was a giant leap in the world of computer speech for Android users.

In this how to, we go thorough steps involved in install almost any TTS language (non-robotic), so your device can read things in your native language without problems.

  1. Plug your device on computer and create a folder named VocalizerEx
  2. Download and install on your device the Vocalizer TTS APK
  3. Visit this website and download your language. It will be better if you download Premium High
  4. Rename that file adding .zip at the end and open it
  5. Extract all files and folders of the zip to this folder (created on Step 1)(Now you can unplug your device)
  6. On your device, go to Settings > Language and Input > Text-to-speech output and then select VocalizerEx TTS
  7. Done, now your device speaks your language !

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