Ecoflow Delta 2 Power Solution would take away the power worries

The Delta 2 has a battery capacity of 1800Wh, which can power various electronic devices. 1-3kWh expandable capacity to grow your storage to your needs. Great for home backup or everyday appliances.

EcoFlow Delta 2 Power Solution is a state-of-the-art portable power station that offers on-the-go power solutions for all your electronic devices. This innovative power solution is designed to provide a reliable and efficient power source, whether you’re camping in the wild, working on a construction site or planning a tailgating party.

The power station has a massive 1800Wh capacity, making it one of the most powerful portable power stations on the market. The Delta 2 also comes with advanced features, such as a 3300W surge capability, a 1260W AC inverter, and six charging ports (including USB-C and USB-A) that can charge up to 12 devices at once.

delta 2 ecoflow b
delta 2 ecoflow b

The EcoFlow Delta 2 also features a solar charging capability, which makes it ideal for off-grid adventures. The solar panel charger can provide up to 400W of power, allowing you to recharge the Delta 2 power station in just 4-8 hours, depending on the sun’s intensity.

Furthermore, the Delta 2 comes with an easy-to-use, intuitive LCD touchscreen interface. This display shows the battery level, power output, and remaining charge time for each device being charged; it also enables you to customize settings and set up timers for automatic power shut-off.

EcoFlow Delta 2 Battery Life

The EcoFlow Delta 2 portable power station has an impressive battery life. The LFP (LiFePO4) batteries used in the Delta 2 and its additional batteries can last for over 3000 charging cycles, as mentioned in and. This is due to the use of LFP battery technology which is known for its long cycle life and high levels of safety. Additionally, the Delta 2 is built to last and can provide up to 10 years of daily use until hitting 80% of its original capacity, as noted by . The EcoFlow Delta 2 have a long-lasting and durable battery that provides reliable, long-lasting power for a wide range of applications.

3. incredibly fast charging ac 1800x
3. incredibly fast charging ac 1800x

The Specifications

To start with, the Ecoflow Delta 2 comes equipped with a powerful 1024Wh capacity battery that provides an ample supply of energy for all your power needs. This battery can run a mini-fridge for up to 20 hours, charge a smartphone 160 times, or even power a TV for up to 14 hours. That means you don’t have to worry about power outages or limited access to electricity when using this system.

Another impressive feature of the Ecoflow Delta 2 is its high-powered inverter capable of producing up to 3600W of power. This makes it an excellent option for powering appliances, tools, and other high-power devices. The inverter has a peak output of 7200W, which means it can handle even the most demanding loads with ease.

Moreover, the Ecoflow Delta 2 is equipped with multiple charging options, including a standard AC wall outlet, a 12V carport, and solar panels. This ensures you always have multiple options for powering and recharging your Ecoflow Delta 2 Power Solution.

ecoflow delta 2 technical specifications
ecoflow delta 2 technical specifications

Additionally, the Ecoflow Delta 2 has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows you to monitor the system’s performance easily. You can easily access vital information such as the battery level, estimated time remaining, and input/output levels.

4. charge with solar. clean still fast 1800x
4. charge with solar. clean still fast 1800x


  • Expandable capacity – 1-3kWh expandable capacity to grow your storage to your needs. Add on the DELTA 2 extra battery to reach 2048Wh, or add on the DELTA Max Extra Battery to hit 3040Wh. Great for home backup or everyday appliances.
  • Huge AC output – 1800W AC output means you can power more than 90% of your home appliances. Or, try plugging in up to 15 devices at once. Unlike other brands, DELTA 2 can prevent overloading from devices up to 2200W thanks to X-Boost technology.
  • 7x Faster AC charging – X-Stream tech means that DELTA 2 charges 7 times faster than the competition. That’s 0–80% in just 50 minutes and 0-100% in 80 minutes with AC input.
  • Or go green without sacrificing speed – Plug in portable solar panels and get up to 500W input to charge from anywhere in as fast as 3 hours.
  • Built to last 6x longer – Get 10 years of daily use until hitting 80% of its original capacity. That’s down to its LFP battery chemistry giving you 3000+ cycles.
  • Control from anywhere – Use the EcoFlow app to control your DELTA 2 from anywhere using Wi-Fi. Link with Bluetooth when off-grid. Either way, you can check charging data, customize settings and adjust the charging speed with ease.
  • 5-year warranty – Unlock an extended 5-year warranty for worry-free experience.

The EcoFlow Delta 2 Power Solution is an outstanding portable power station that offers incredible power and versatility, making it an exceptional choice for anyone in need of a reliable power solution on-the-go. With its advanced features, easy-to-use interface, and solar charging capabilities, this power station is sure to be your go-to source for power whenever you need it.

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