6G tests reach 100 Gbps speed in Chinese lab

6G technology is a topic of ongoing research and development, both in China and around the world. In January 2022, Chinese scientists announced a breakthrough in 6G technology for hypersonic weapons, which could lead to significant improvements in China's military capabilities. Additionally, a year-long study found that China leads in 37 of the 44 areas it tracked in technology development, including 5G and 6G.

While 5G continues to become popular, there are already ongoing testing of 6G in laboratories. Now the 25th Institute of the Secondary Academy of Aerospace Science and Industry of China has managed to reach an impressive milestone: reaching 100 Gbps of speed on a 6G wireless connection.

The speed was achieved through terahertz frequencies, one of the most important spectra for the implementation of 6G, as it is the widest band, which results in greater width for transmission and reception of data between devices.

The test used the 10GHz band using a wireless backhaul. The Scientists have not yet released more precise data on latency, but say that in the future, 6G may become capable of providing response times lower than those offered by fiber optics, which is excellent for cloud applications, online gaming and streaming.

6g lab test
6g lab test

6G Terahertz target

The expectations for 6G don’t stop there. Experts estimate that the Terahertz (THz) frequencies should greatly increase the capacity of this connection, which can reach up to 1 Tbps provided that the current spectra are enhanced to support this standard.

It is worth mentioning that the process for approval and regulation of 6G should take a few years, so the new generation of mobile connection should be launched after many processes are completed, probably around 2030, but with capacities up to 10 times greater than 5G.

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