15 tips to Up battery life

Smart is appearing everywhere now a days with our analogue watches becoming smart too. We now get our Smartphone app notifications right there as well as information about the weather, even our car location at a swipe.

New models of solving problems have emerged out of the smart possession infesting every problem it can touch. The fitness-minded among us now make use of built-in Heart Rate Monitors, Pedometers for distance covering sensor information and many more as the list grows taller and taller by the second.

The loads of solutions the Smartwatch offer is currently unable to equal the battery life which keeps the smartwatch running. Until better battery life technologies appear in the future, below are 15 tips to increase the lasting hours of your battery.

  • Reduce screen brightness.
  • Use a dark watch face with no animations.
  • Screen timeout
  • Switch off WiFi for your Samsung Smartwatch Battery.
  • Switch off NFC
  • Switch off GPS
  • Auto HR
  • Switch off Always on Display (AOD)
  • Switch off Wake-up gesture
  • Switch off vibration or reduce vibration intensity or short vibration
  • Switch off workout detection
  • Turn on Greyscale
  • Software Updates to Fix Samsung Smartwatch Battery Issues
  • Run the Optimise
  • Switch off touch sounds

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