Huawei new operating system HarmonyOS

HarmonyOS, Huawei's new operating system for Smartphones, Smart TVs, Microwaves, Refrigerators and the list gets to OS of Everything. Now that's seamless, what does the future hold.

At an event held on the morning of Wednesday 2nd June, Huawei officialized its new operating system HarmonyOS. The company’s intention was to create a platform that is integrated with many different devices.

The OS can be used on mobile phones and other sets of devices such as Smart TVs, tablets, smart watches and other Internet of Things devices. Huawei started the presentation highlighting that currently there is a different system for each type of product. This, in the company’s view, would generate a fragmented experience, since each would need to be compatible with the other.

With a single platform, the company can facilitate the integration of the different devices used in the day to day. The platform has the ability to service both top-of-the-line phones and handsets that can come equipped with up to 128 KB of RAM, which would include Intelligence of Things appliances.

One of the main features of the interface is the presence of the so-called Control Panel. Which is available for mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches, the user can have a management center of connected devices in the palm of the hand.

It will come with widgets that let you control Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections without having to access settings. In addition, the owner can play a song and choose which streaming service to play, as well as the device to play it.

It is for this part that the user will have the option to turn on or off their connected devices, as well as integrate them directly to the smartphone, by icons that make this connection when being dragged towards the “bubble” that represents the mobile phone.

With HarmonyOS, the person would be able to connect the smartphone to a tablet or a PC, for example, and have the screen inside the larger monitor, to drag content and facilitate edits, for example, or directly integrate messaging applications.

You can also transfer a video conference to a Smart TV in order to have an image applied of what you can observe in the call.

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