Spammers in the detail

The world has change from innocence to know it or else you are my meal. Average phone users get scorned here and there on the web and in real life. Victims of these spams continue to rise. Today we give you two heads up on spamming.

Tactic one

A fellow bus passenger tell you; Hello could please call my number for me? I can seem to find it. Now the Good Samaritan places the call to the give number. The so call phone never rings but call goes through.

The individual whom asked for his phone number to be called now tells the caller; “You its okay. I probably left it at home. Thank you”.

A few hour later some stranger comes to you claiming possession of the phone you used to call putting the real owner in defense mode to the people present.

In a world where mobile phone thieves are not given a moment to express themselves, the real owner may get linched. In a word where they are allowed to, the real owner would have to strongly defend ownership to the device. Beware.

Tactic two

A spammer picks up a number at random, and sends a text acknowledging the successful transfer of a particular amount of money into the receiver’s mobile money wallet.

The spammer then calls the owner making claims of a wrong transaction that has been made to the receiver’s mobile money wallet. Most average mobile money users fall victim into sending the amount theses spammers call for so Beware.

What to do.

You can choose to ignore the sender, it is no fault of your if a wrong deposit has hit your account. Refer them to the mobile money provider or the mobile money wallet call center.

It is they that correct wrong transactions. If you wish to be a good person too, please check your account balance first and twice and be certain there is really an increment on your wallet you don’t recognize before transferring any money on your wallet.


Hope you keep it in mind. Beware of the spammers, check back regularly for more tips and heads ups.