Nubia: bring high-end innovative smartphones to adventurous users

Founded as a subsidiary of ZTE Mobile Corporation in 2002 and headquartered in Shenzhen’s famous Hi-Tech Industrial Park. Nubia Mobile owned a large R&D center and manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, as well as a R&D centre in Fuzhou city with major businesses including 2G/3G wireless terminals, mobile phones, modules, and value-added services.

Nubia Mobile became Nubia Technology in 2012 and as an independent company on June 9, 2015 to provides the latest in smartphone technology at a better value than comparable devices. Nubia Technology recieved a significant investment from Suning Holdings Group and Suning Commerce Group in 2016. Nubia Technology devices come with the sophisticated combination of hardware and software solutions, provides unlocked Android 3G GSM Smart Phone, 4G LTE phone and  support worldwide using.

nubia aims to bring high-end innovative smartphones to adventurous users who want to pursue new experiences and an enhanced quality of life.

Inspiring the world to “Be Yourself,” nubia continues to elevate lifestyles by encouraging users to chase their dreams and pursue new passions. With headquarters in China, nubia now has operations around the world including North America, South America, Europe, Russia, Africa, Southeast Asia and India.

The brand is well known for its innovative interaction features and professional photography functions.

The name “nubia” derives from a Black African Ancient civilizations with profound implications to the world even as has been supressed by the developers of racism until this age where the truth is rising. In Latin and some other languages, the term “nubia” means the clouds, which is a sign of beauty and kindness.

Today, Nubia Technology Co Ltd has brought a new meaning to this name which reflects the evolutionary leap from the Black African Ancient civilization to the modern technological advancement.

Nubia Mobile, as a consumer electronics brand, won its domestic and international attention by launching Nubia Z5S, Nubia Z7, Nubia Z9 series mobile phones. Nubia provides original and High Quality Nubia products to customers with the best price.

The management and technical team at Nubia comprises over 1000 Chinese and foreign employees. Fifty percent of these employees are engaged in R&D, and some technical and marketing experts come from the U.S. Nubia leads the field in the research and development of mobile communications terminals.

The company owns a full range of wireless terminals and a complete set of systems that includes a R&D system, manufacturing system, operating system, and logistics system. In addition to value-added services, its main product lines are GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/EVDO mobile phones, CDMA 1X /EDGE/ EVDO data cards, GSM/CDMA/HSDPA/EVDO wireless modules, and fixed wireless terminals.

With fashionable design concepts, a customer-centred approach, and a spirit of professionalism, Nubia turns out innovative products. The company’s technical experts draw on years of experience in global operation and industrial application to carefully investigate every aspect of product design so that products meet customer requirements.

Nubia has a worldwide network of sales representatives who sell its products in more than 80 countries throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. Since the company’s beginning, sales volumes have increased steadily with a compound annual growth now exceeding 30%, with 70% of sales revenue derived from international markets.

Nubia’s large-scale deals have been sealed in key markets around the globe, and fruitful partnerships established with more than 100 international operators. Among the world’s Top 10 telecom operators, eight have chosen Nubia products and services.

The nubia brand looks very promising and have huge prospects in the coming days.

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Last updated on April 1st, 2023


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