Joe Biden sanctions law and permanently bans Huawei, ZTE and others from United States

The Commissioner of the US FCC Brendan Carr disclosed that the commission had granted over 3000 approvals to Huawei since 2018. With this new law, all such equipment authorizations to Chinese firms will be revoked and basically, any company from China won’t be able to supply communications equipment in the US.

The law known as the Secure Equipment Act was first approved by the US House of Rep in September in a landslide 420-4 vote. The U.S Senate later on in October unanimously approved the act. The text was voted on in the U.S. Congress recently and received broad support from the country’s legislators, uniting Democrats and Republicans.

We have already determined that these equipment poses an unacceptable risk to our national security, so closing what I called the “Huawei breach” is an appropriate action we should take.

With the new law valid starting Friday 12 November, United States carriers can not buy equipment from Huawei and ZTE since they don’t have the FCC approval seal. Before, no longer considered “threats,” companies could still sell to buyers that did not use federal resources.

Commenting on the matter, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr stressed that the measure serves U.S. interests.

Once we have determined that Huawei or other gear poses an unacceptable national security risk, it makes no sense to allow that exact same equipment to be purchased and inserted into our communications networks as long as federal dollars are not involved. The presence of these insecure devices in our networks is the threat, not the source of funding used to purchase them.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr

Parallel to the new regulation, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is receiving $1.9 billion in funding to help operators exchange Huawei or ZTE equipment for equivalents of Nokia or Ericsson. For now, Chinese manufacturers have not commented on the matter.

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