Know this: Don't Brick your Smartphone

In humanity’s embrase of social media, it is worth mentioning that not only does it deliver satisfaction of a sort in its own genuine way of linking us up it as well comes with all sorts of collateral damages. One of which we would be discussing in our next paragraph.

It is evident that the average active social media user; be it WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, IMO and the list goes on and on. These applications generate data as they are being used. Data on your device and data on the servers of the managers of these applications. One of such hungry applications that tops our list of measured applications are Telegram and WhatsApp.

These applications as they help you connect, also saves the socialising experience files that they send at your command on your device as your application transmit a copy to your intended recipient. This routine action is unknown to the casual user and in most cases begin over time to hurt their devices as it struggles for memory to write received files and copies of transmitting files.

In remedy to this collateral damage, users can make a routine base on the size of their storage to delete some less necessary files on their local storage. Likewise, utilities fore cleaning residual files abound in application market place (Be careful when choosing these kind of applications as some do not do what they tell to do).

Always ensure you have a minimum of 10% of memory space or 500mb to 2gb of storage space free within a thirty (30) days period to ensure the smooth run of your device along with your application. Enjoy your socialisation.

Last updated on March 10th, 2023


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