Intel releases new financial report and says it intends to accelerate chip development

the development of the 7 nm manufacturing process is progressing well

Intel this week presented the company’s financial results for the third quarter of this year, indicating positive figures even with the global crisis in the semiconductor market and indicating that it intends to move quickly in improving its products already available in the market, as well as announcing new components.

Pat Gelsinger, the manufacturer’s CEO, told the press that “the development of the 7 nm manufacturing process is progressing well”, also stating that the company plans to soon unveil its plans to accelerate the innovation cycle of processors developed by Intel.

The executive also gave a brief statement on the difficulties generated by chip shortages and predicts that the crisis will peak later in this second half and could last up to two years, and the industry is expected to meet the demand of electronic device manufacturers in this period.

The recently released financial report refers to the second quarter of 2021, in which the company recorded revenue of US$ 10.1 billion with growth of 6% compared to the same period a year earlier. This data belongs to the consumer market, which after the beginning of the pandemic greatly increased the amount of users searching for pieces of hardware to improve their computers.

While the consumer market is growing, the data center segment shows a financial downheaback with revenue of $6.5 billion in the second quarter, down 9% from 2020.

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