Google rolls out new mobile web specialist certification for developers

Google has introduced a new certification programme for mobile web developers which will allow them to demonstrate their skills to create responsive and flexible web applications. 

The course, titled ‘Mobile Web Specialist Certification is part of the company’s existing certification programmes for Android developers, cloud architects and data engineers.

In order to earn the certification, developers have to take an open book examination that costs $99. They have to go through a number of coding challenges and a 10-minute exit interview to pass the test. The candidates have four hours to finish the coding challenges and then have to take three stabs of the exam if at all one does not pass in his/her first attempt. 

Basic website layout and styling, progressive web apps, performance optimisation and caching, and testing and debugging are some of the topics covered in the test. Moreover, a study guide is provided to these test-takers to help them in their preparation of the exam.

Once a developer passes the exam, he/she is awarded a ‘digital badge’ to display on his/her resume and social media profiles. The purpose of this badge is to give the developers a way to highlight their expertise to potential employees.

Though the test is an untested programme at the moment, it remains to be seen how these certifications will help developers in the hiring and interviewing decisions. “Earning your Mobile Web Specialist Certification gives you a digital badge to display on your resume and social media profiles,” wrote Sarah Clark, program manager for web developer training at Google.

“As a member of the Mobile Web Specialist Alumni Community, you will also have access to program benefits focused on increasing your visibility as a certified developer.”

Find out more about the certification here.

Last updated on April 1st, 2023


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