Google may delete your account for absence begining 2021

Starting 1st June, 2021, Google account users who have been absent for more than two (2) years from a google product or have overused their storage space may receive a deletion or wipe of their account. This come from the recent update to their terms of service.

Any Google consumer account holder who has been consistently inactive for two years in Gmail, Drive, or Photos will risk getting his/her data wholly wiped off from these products.

According to Google, there are currently over 4 trillion photos and videos on Google Photos with 28 billion news ones being added every single week. Therefore, seeing how so many users around the world trust and use this product from Google, the company has decided to put an end to its unlimited high-quality storage policy.

Google One offers premium storage plans starting at 100GB, which also includes other additional features such as adding another member, access to Google experts and so on. This just sounds as free is gradually closing in.

Starting next year from June, any new photos or videos that users upload on Google Photos will be counted in the 15 GB storage plan that the free account offers. Thus, indicating at the fact that if you require more space in Google Photos, you will have to start paying for it separately.

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