Google launches Measure Matters

The Google Analytics team has launched a video series called Measure Matters that looks at best practices on using Google Analytics with data. While some of the topics sound rather too ‘marketeery’, others have info of interest to developers.

The series started in May with a deep dive into Machine Learning. This looked at automated insights within Google Analytics, and how they use machine intelligence to find interesting insights from the many combinations of metrics and dimensions.For example, an automated insight might highlight when you get visitors from a different source visiting your website, or what’s driving increased sales of a product.

The second video in the three launched so far looks at ‘finding your North Star’. In other words, how to put together a plan and make choices based on data. The North Star metric is described as the single metric that best captures the value your product delivers to customers, the one where improving that metric creates growth in your customer base.

The third episode focuses on how app developers can make use of mobile app analytics by using Google Analytics for Firebase. Mobile app reporting shows how your iOS or Android apps are being used.

The reports work in conjunction with the Firebase SDK, which automatically captures a number of events and user properties and also allows you to define your own custom events to measure the things that matter to your business. Once the data is captured, it’s available in a dashboard in both the Google Analytics interface and the Firebase console.

The fourth video has the title Hearts, Charts and Shopping Carts, and is essentially about how to use data and measurement rather than relying on sentiment and gut feeling when working out marketing plans.

There’ll be a new video on YouTube in the Measure Matters series every two weeks on a Wednesday.

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