Cloudflare’s DNS

All internet service providers gives their routers a default DNS resolver, which in turn tells your system which web servers to connect to in order to load a website. Cloudflare says its DNS resolver is faster than the one your ISP gave you.

Specifically, Cloudflare claims its resolver will take 14.8 milliseconds to answer a DNS query, which according to Cloudflare beats the 70-millisecond average among ISPs and the 34.73-millisecond response time from Google’s public DNS services. Cloudflare claims its speed advantage comes from the power of its more-than-1,000 servers around the world.

Notice for Asia-Pacific

Changing your DNS settings to may lead to a lack of service if you’re in certain enterprise environments. The IP address is owned by the Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), which partnered with Cloudflare for this service, and the address wasn’t originally designed for full-internet consumption.

Notice to Localised servers

Some networking devices may be using the address for other purposes in local environments, and if so, your DNS queries will go precisely nowhere. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved in the coming months.

If you’re comfortable editing your router’s settings (and each is massively different), here are the entries to add:


Google’s own public DNS, and its entries are:


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