A look at Petal Search

Not too long ago in the tech war conversation, the common denominator against Huawei was its survival without Google’s app ecosystem. Just before the next batch of questions would move in, we hear of Petal Search.

Well Petal Search is a search engine for apps by Huawei. Built as a collaboration between Huawei, Yandex and Qwant search engineers, the Huawei App gallery just got a whole lot dapper. Huawei mobile users can kiss unavailability of app for the gadgets goodbye.

The ongoing wedge between US and PRC continues to scale up new possibilities in competition. Petal Search can be fetched from the Huawei App Gallery, if you don’t already have it installed.

The Features

  • Instant Search
  • Live sports
  • Favorite apps
  • Daily weather
  • News feed
  • Update dashboard with notifications

It is a bit too early yet Huawei is kicking it. It begs the question; What really is the future of Android?

More Information

Last updated on November 30th, 2022


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