32 most sort after CDN in the world to choose from in 2021

Site owners leverage the CDN to effectively manage high traffic demands, improve user experience, and reduce bandwidth costs.

Content distribution networks CDN are strategical positioned multiplicity of network stations that help users of internet services consume resources from their closest proximity rather than making a far away journey and as a result decreasing waiting time for web service providers.

A content distribution network, or CDN, is a system of distributed servers that are responsible for the efficient delivery of content to end-users. The network consists of multiple edge servers that are strategically placed in different locations worldwide, providing fast and reliable access to web content such as images, videos, and static files.

The primary function of a CDN is to reduce latency and improve content loading speed for users all around the world. When a user makes a request for content, the CDN responds by routing the request to the nearest edge server geographically, which then serves up the content quickly and efficiently, without the need for the user to connect to the origin server.

CDNs benefit both website owners and users. Site owners leverage the CDN to effectively manage high traffic demands, improve user experience, and reduce bandwidth costs. Users, on the other hand, enjoy faster load times, no matter where they are located worldwide.

Additionally, CDNs are equipped with features to help improve web security by protecting against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, reducing the risk of information leakage, and improving overall user privacy.

Here are 32 most sort after CDN in the world as of today in 2021.

  1. Cloudflare
  2. KeyCDN
  3. StackPath
  4. Akamai
  5. Amazon CloudFront
  6. Microsoft Azure CDN
  7. CDN77
  8. Leaseweb
  9. BelugaCDN
  10. BunnyCDN
  11. KeyCDN
  12. Cloudinary
  13. Hostry Free CDN
  14. Cachefly
  15. Fastly CDN
  16. Verizon Edgecast CDN
  17. Google Cloud CDN
  18.  Centerserv
  19.  Incapsula Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  20. jsdelivr
  21. StackPath – CDN
  22. Uploadcare – Smart CDN combining cloud storage
  23. G-Core Labs content delivery network
  24. Centerserv – International Cloud and Web Server Solutions
  25. CDNetworks
  26. cdnjs – FOSS CDN for web related libraries
  27. Bootstrapcdn
  28. Aryaka Global SD-WAN and SmartCDN
  29. Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Service
  30. Sucuri
  31. Rackspace
  32. Imperva

Content distribution networks play a crucial role in today’s internet infrastructure, providing a reliable and efficient way to deliver timely content worldwide while minimizing latency and improving user experience.

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Last updated on July 26th, 2023


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