YouTube to force Channel subscriber count public from 29th July 2022

YouTube has finally decided to deny users the option to hide their subscriber count to the public. It however unclear as why this sudden decision to make the display of subscriber count no longer an option for channels.

Recaptured from YouTube Creator update: June 2022

Community and comments

  • Making subscriber counts visible: Starting July 29, channels can no longer hide their subscriber count on YouTube. Displaying all channels’ subscriber counts makes it harder to impersonate others. To learn more about what we’re doing to tackle impersonation on YouTube, check out our Forum.
  • Expanding mentions to all channels: All channels can now use the “@” symbol to mention other channels or be mentioned regardless of their subscriber counts. Learn more.


  • Super Chat & Super Stickers Expansion: Eligible creators in Indonesia can now turn on Super Chat and Super Stickers. Super Chat & Super Stickers are ways for fans to connect with creators during live chat by purchasing highlighted messages and colorful animations. Learn more.

Other updates

  • Limiting channel name characters: We’ve reduced the set of special characters available for use in new channel names to reduce spam and abusive behavior. Existing channels that use these special characters aren’t affected, and this change only applies to channel name changes from now on. To learn more about what we’re doing to keep our community safe, read our Forum.

YouTube Analytics

  • New Content tab in YouTube Analytics: You can now view a breakdown of your reach and engagement reports across Videos, Shorts, Live, and Posts with the new Content tab in YouTube Analytics. This can help you better understand how all of your content contributes to your channel performance. Learn more.
  • Analytics in YouTube mobile app: You can now view your Analytics reports such as top Shorts and watch time in the YouTube mobile app. Learn more.
More Information

Making subscriber counts visible

Last updated on May 4th, 2023


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